“The Meteorite of transformation”.

Customer: nu3


"The Meteorite of Transformation".


In the marginal neighborhood Villas de San Pablo in Barranquilla, a Social Complex will be built that will bring progress and social transformation to its inhabitants. The Social Organization nu3 asked us to design and implement a low-cost strategy that would display the laying of the first stone of the building, with the aim of motivating donors to get involved in their fundraising plan.


The appearance of a mysterious stone in flames in the middle of the night, the intervention of firefighters, the flyover by the police and the custody of an anonymous investigative body, were the ingredients of a staging that triggered the imagination of neighbors, journalists, influencers in social media, opinion leaders and even the most prestigious news portals turned the so-called #MeteoriteBarranquilla into a trending topic throughout the country and much of the continent. Is it a meteorite or an advertising strategy? In prime time and with the attention of the entire audience, we confirmed that it was the first stone of a social complex that seeks to transform the lives of more than 25,000 people in a community abandoned by society.

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