I want you to design a brand with an attractive name and a nice-looking logo.

By: Agencia Pópuli - 22/03/2023

Ah, ok, what a Brief we have received!

If you want to have a brand that is functional for your product or service, we will need to know a little (quite a lot) more to achieve it.

At Agencia Pópuli we create brands after studying the DNA of your service, analyzing your potential clients, knowing the competition, reviewing trends. After a lot of research, data interpretation, many, many creative committees, we will come up with a name that is easy to pronounce, short, and, of course, unique when searching for it in social media and trademark registries. Then, only then, will we begin to paint it, to give it the magic of shape and color, to make it resonate just by looking at it. So, it’s not just about being beautiful and attractive, there’s more, much more.

Send us a message at agenda@agenciapopuli.com and one of our executives will be ready to work hand to hand for your brand.

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